Maintainer: Sergiusz Pawłowicz
cvs repository system


This page is dedicated for getting read-write access to our CVS Repository. CVS accounts will be issued to:

  • authors with documents already in the collection who have made a minimum of three submits to the LDP through
  • technical and language reviewers approved by one of the Review Coordinators
  • new authors in the review process (also requires approval from one of the Review Coordinators)

Please include which of these three conditions you meet in your "Reasons for Request" and the title(s) of the document(s) you will be working on.

The form:
Full name:

Reasons for request
(please see the list above):


After submit you will get confirmation by e-mail.
Please be patient, because the request is operated by a man.

More info: LDP Author Guide: Concurrent Version System (CVS)
Last updated: 2004-05-24