1. Patch

Now you are going to actually patch the kernel. I take one extra step from the instructions at ACPI4Linux. Instead of gunzipping and patching in the same line, I use two lines. This is purely a matter of preference. When you patch the kernel you want to make sure there are no error messages. (There is no yay line, instead look for the absence of errors.)

Example A.1. Patching your kernel

These steps should be performed as the root user.

  1. cd /usr/src/linux

  2. cp acpi-20021212-2.4.20.diff.gz /usr/src/linux/. (Your patch filename will be different if you are not using the 2.4.20 kernel.)

  3. gunzip acpi-20021212-2.4.20.diff.gz

  4. patch -p1 < acpi-20021212-2.4.20.diff (this is the actual patching part)

Once you have finished patching your kernel, continue reading at Section 3.5, “Configure the new kernel”.