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12. Frequently Asked Questions

12.1 How do I reset/erase the onboard configuration?

At the husky prompt issue the following command:

rconf -init

This will delete all of the RAID configuration information but not the global variables and scsi monitors. the remove ALL configuration information type:

rconf -fullinit

Use these commands with caution!

12.2 How can I tell if a drive in my RAID has failed?

In the text GUI faulty backends appear with a (-) to the right of their ID. For example the list of backends:


Indicates that backend (drive) D1.0.0 is either faulty or not present. If you assigned spares (RAID 3 or 5) then you should also see that one or more spares are in use. Both the main and the and the RaidSets screens will show information on faulty/not present drives in a RAID set.

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