5. Booting from Grub floppy disk

The next step is to make a boot floppy disk using Grub. GNU Grub is the GRand Unified Bootloader. It can handle BOOTP and TFTP, so it can boot from network.

5.1. Grub menu file

In the working directory create a file named grub.conf with the following content:

title Clone
	root (nd)
	kernel /vmlinuz rw root=/dev/ram ramdisk_size=4096 init=/bin/clone
	initrd /initrd.gz

In the last four lines are the Grub commands to boot from network:

5.2. Compiling Grub with network support

To compile Grub, first download the source tarball from the Grub web site and unpack it. Run configure specifying the menu file you just created and the network interface card model. Run make as usual.

# tar xzf grub-0.92.tar.gz
# cd grub-0.92
# ./configure --enable-preset-menu=../grub.conf --enable-3c90x
# make

Again, where you see 3c90x put the model of your network interface card. First check if it is supported by Grub.

5.3. Making the boot floppy disk

Once Grub is compiled, the image of the boot floppy disk is the concatenation of the files stage1/stage1 and stage2/stage2. To make the floppy disk run:

# cat stage1/stage1 stage2/stage2 | dd of=/dev/fd0

You should now have a boot floppy disk.