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2.1 French

Popular coffee among programmers because it doesn't need a lot of care and its cooking is streamlined; just like commercial software. Its exciting taste has inspired thousands of programmers in writing incredible software, written in the very first hours of a day. M$ Windows for example has been written at 5:00 o'clock in the morning, only thanks to coffee! A similar result is guaranteed.

2.2 Nescafe

Nescafe is a rather strong coffee, made by pouring hot water in a mixture of coffee, sugar and some water. You usually take 1 spoon of coffee and 1 spoon of sugar with just a bit of water, to mix it. In the meantime you should have the water boiling. As soon as the water is hot enough, you mix them all together and preferably add condensed milk. Although you could use something simpler than a coffee-machine to boil the water, I have seen this done so several times...

2.3 Frappe'

A popular variation of the above mentioned coffee. Actually, you don't need a sophisticated coffee-machine, rather a refrigerator for cold water and ice-cubes. It is very popular in South Eastern Europe during the warm summer months.

2.4 Freddo

This is a complicated one, read coffee-faq (read further information)

2.5 Espresso

Espresso is a very strong, italian sort of coffee. You serve it in small cups (You ask why? See chapter: Overdose Symptomes) with one or two pieces of lump sugar. To produce a good espresso you need fresh grinded coffee beans, water, lump sugar and a special machine. These machines boil the water and press the very hot steam through the grinded coffee beans. You can buy a super-duper-automatic machine for a lot of money. But a low cost machine is usable, too.

OK., lets start. Fill water in your machine. Let it become hot. In the meantime fill about 1 teespoon of coffeepowder in the filterhandle of your machine. Press the coffeepowder down. Not too much. Now the water is at the right temperature. Attach the filterhandle to the machine and let the machine work. After about 30 seconds you can serve a delicate, hot espresso. It is fine after a good meal. You feel good and can code for a few more hours.

2.6 Cappuccino

(See also chapter: Espresso) If you have a more profi-like machine, you can use it, to froth milk with it. You need this feature to make a creamy sort of coffee. It is easy to prepare. Put some frothed milk in a coffee pot and fill it up with espresso. Then decorade with some chocolade flakes. That's it.

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