B. Recompiling an RPM Ready for Your Distribution

If your distribution appears in the list on Section 3.1, “Get a Better FreeType RPM but you can't find the binary package for your platform (for example x86_64), you can easily create the RPM compatible with your system following this steps:

  1. Have installed compiler and development packages on your system

  2. Download the source RPM file (.src.rpm extension) for your distribution from Section 3.1, “Get a Better FreeType RPM. For example, on Fedora 5, the correct source package is this one.

  3. As root, do this command:

    bash# rpmbuild --rebuild [the .src.rpm file you just downloaded]
  4. Find the binary RPMs for your platform at /usr/src/rpm or /usr/src/redhat.

  5. Send them to us so we can publish them on this documentation.