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11. Miscellanea.

11.1 Further information.

Web pages.


Mailing lists.

Glibc 2 Linux discussion list.

This list is intended for discussion among Linux users who have installed glibc2, the new GNU C libraries. Topics might include compatibility issues and questions about the compilation of code in a Linux/glibc setting. To subscribe, send mail to with a body of "subscribe glibc-linux <your email address>.

Archives for this mailing list can be found at

11.2 Credits.

Most of this information was stolen from the GNU Libc web page and from Ulrich Drepper's <> glibc 2 announcement and his comments. Andreas Jaeger <> provided some of the Reporting bugs section.

The following people have provided information and feedback for this document:

Translations of this document are being done by:

11.3 Feedback.

Besides writing this HOWTO, maintaining the glibc 2 for Linux page, and using it on my machine, I have nothing to do with the glibc project. I am far from knowledgeable on this topic, though I try to help with problems mailed to me. I welcome any feedback, corrections, or suggestions you have to offer. Please send them to

11.4 Copyright.

Copyright (c) 1997 by Eric Green. This document may be distributed under the terms set forth in the LDP license.

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