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3. Getting the library.

The glibc 2 consists of the glibc package and three optional add-on packages, LinuxThreads, Locale, and Crypt. The source can be found at

It will take about 150 MB of disk space for the full compile and install. The basic binary install of just the core library package is about 50 MB.

Binary packages for 2.0.6 are not available. Version 2.0.4 binary packages are available for i386 and m68k, and version 2.0.1 for the alpha can be found at

There are export restrictions on the crypt add-on. Non-US users should get it from

If you are running a Red Hat distribution, you can get rpms for glibc 2 from Glibc 2 is the primary C library for the new Red Hat distribution 5.0.

If you are running a Debian distribution, you can get the packages for glibc 2 from The files are named libc6. Glibc 2 is now part of the base package of the hamm version of Debian, and will be the primary libc when Debian 2.0 is released.

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