Chapter 3. Linux and HP products

Table of Contents
3.1. Informations on HP products and Linux
3.1.1. General information
3.1.2. Particular announces
3.2. HP hardware supported by Linux
3.2.1. Intel based computer range
3.2.2. The monitors range
3.2.3. PA-Risc based computer range
3.2.4. The IA-64 range
3.2.5. X Terminals
3.2.6. The printing product range
3.2.7. Digital imaging product range
3.2.8. All-in-one range (OfficeJet)
3.2.9. The Storage products range
3.3. HP software and free software
3.3.1. HP softwares under Linux
3.3.2. Third party softwares linked to HP for Linux
3.3.3. Free softwares under HP-UX
3.3.4. Free softwares under MPE/IX
3.4. Support of HP solutions under Linux
3.5. Training on HP Linux solutions
3.6. HP as an Open Source Software user and contributor

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