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8. ISP specific information

More specific information for certain ISPs is available from a variety of sources:

Demon Internet


PowerTech, Telenor Online, Telia




AOL is not possible since AOL uses a proprietary protocol.

If you can supply ISP specific information not listed here, please get in touch.

8.1 How do I learn more?

The Linux Documentation Project book called Linux Network Administrator's Guide by Olaf Kirch is pretty mandatory for anyone that will set up and maintain anything involving TCP/IP and Internet

The documentation that follows each software package will normally give you all the detailed information you need, if not always the overview. The man-pages will be the first place to look. Try for instance:

man pppd

You will also find some documentation about certain programs in the /usr/doc tree, although this is not always well structured.

The following HOWTOs will be highly relevant:

Red Hat has a mailing list for PPP issues; to join send an email to

redhat-ppp-list-request with the subject line


8.2 Thanks to

Information here is collected from many sources. Thanks to the following that either indirectly or directly have contributed:

Adam Holt <>
Arne Coucheron <>
Arne Riiber <>
Arnt Gulbrandsen <>
Bjorn Steensrud <>
Gisle Hannemyr <>
Hans Amund Rosbach <>
Hans Peter Verne <>
Harald T Alvestrand <>
Harald Terkelsen  <>
Haavard Engum <>
James Youngman <>
Johan S. Seland <>
John Phillips <>
Jorn Lokoy <>
Kenneth Tjostheim <>
Kjell M. Myksvoll <>
Kjetil T. Homme <>
Michael Meissner <>
N J Bailey <>
Nicolai Langfeldt <>
Ove Ruben R Olsen <>
R. Bardarson <>
Steinar Fremme <>
Sverre H. Huseby <>
Trond Eivind Glomsrod <>
Tommy Larsen <>
Yves Bellefeuille <>

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