3. About the Author

Since I have installed Linux on my first laptop (HP OmniBook 800CT), I am addicted to Linux and mobile computers. I have written the Linux-Mobile-Guide and founded TuxMobil: Linux with Laptops, Notebooks, PDAs, Mobile Phones and Portable Computers. I am also interested in upgrading, repairing and modding laptops or notebooks, disassembling and reassembling PDAs and HandHelds and taking apart and modding mobile (cell) phones. In May 2000 I have founded the German vendor Xtops.DE: Linux, Laptops, Notebooks, PDAs pre-installed, to sponsor the TuxMobil project.

I am also the author of the Linux-Ecology-HOWTO, which describes Linux as a means to save our environment, as well as founder of DataConv a survey of data conversion and migration tools.