Linux kerneld mini-HOWTO

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Revision v2.022 May 2000
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Table of Contents
1. About the kerneld mini-HOWTO
1.1. Credits
2. What is kerneld?
2.1. Why do I want to use it ?
2.2. Where can I pick up the necessary pieces ?
3. How do I set it up?
3.1. Trying out kerneld
4. How does kerneld know what module to load?
4.1. Block devices
4.2. Character devices
4.3. Network devices
4.4. Binary formats
4.5. Line disciplines (slip, cslip and ppp)
4.6. Network protocol families (IPX, AppleTalk, AX.25)
4.7. File systems
5. Devices requiring special configuration
5.1. char-major-10 : Mice, watchdogs and randomness
5.2. Loading SCSI drivers: The scsi_hostadapter entry
5.3. When loading a module isn't enough: The post-install entry
6. Spying on kerneld
7. Special kerneld uses
8. Common problems and things that make you wonder