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17. Changing the keyboard repeat rate

At startup, the Linux kernel sets the repeat rate to its maximal value. For most keyboards this is reasonable, but for some it means that you can hardly touch a key without getting three copies of the corresponding symbol. Use the program kbdrate(8) to change the repeat rate, or, if that doesn't help, edit or remove the section

     ! set the keyboard repeat rate to the max

         mov     ax,#0x0305
         xor     bx,bx           ! clear bx
         int     0x16

of /usr/src/linux/[arch/i386/]boot/setup.S.

Scott Johnston ( reports: `To program the repeat rate of a Gateway AnyKey keyboard all one has to do is press the "Repeat Rate" key, then a function key F1-F8, then "Repeat Rate" again. F1 is the slowest possible repeat rate, and F8 is really fast. If you somehow manage to mess up your AnyKey keyboard doing this, simply press Ctrl-Alt-SuspndMacro to reset your keyboard to factory default settings.'

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