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10. The end, for now

Congratulations! You have now some basic information on how to turn your Andbox into something even more useful, and how to interact with it using your trusted GNU/Linux machine.

At the end of this document, I can confess you the truth: while I'm a long-term GNU/Linux fan, I'm afraid I've just started to appreciate Android. I find it insanely fragmented; until recently, it was unacceptably sluggish and laggy; I also believe it still suffers from (at least) a couple of serious design flaws. Besides, I don't like tablets, all of them; I find way too limited, if compared to a real computer. That said, I can say that my 8-core, Android 5.0.1-based phone is quite nice.

I hope this guide provided some useful information. It's only the beginning: please stay tuned for updates.

10.1 Copyleft

This document is released under the GNU Free Documentation License 1.3, obtainable here:

This document is provided ``as is''. I put a great amount of effort into writing it as accurately as I could, but you use the information contained in it at your own risk. In no event shall I be liable for any damages resulting from the use of this work.


    Guido =8-)

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