Chapter 3. Installation

Table of Contents

1. Related Documentation
2. Prerequisites - BIOS, Boot Options, Partitioning
2.1. BIOS
2.2. Boot Options
2.3. Partitioning
3. Linux Tools to Repartition a Hard Disk
3.1. GNU parted
3.2. ext2resize
3.3. fixdisktable
3.4. Caveats
3.5. Multi Boot
4. Laptop Installation Methods
4.1. From a Boot Floppy plus CD/DVD-ROM - The Traditional Way
4.2. From a CD/DVD-ROM - The Usual Way
4.3. From a DOS or Windows Partition on the same Machine
4.4. From a Second Machine With a Micro Linux On a Floppy
4.5. From a Second (Desktop) Machine With a Hard Disk Adapter
4.6. From a PCMCIA Device
4.7. From a Parallel Port ZIP Drive
4.8. From a Parallel Port CD Drive (MicroSolutions BackPack)
4.9. From a Parallel Port Using a Second Machine
4.10. From a USB Storage Device (Stick, CD, DVD, Floppy)
4.11. Installing via Network Interface
4.12. Installing via VNC
4.13. Installing Linux on Small Machines
4.14. Installing Linux on Apple Macintosh PowerBooks and iBooks
4.15. Mass Installation
5. Common Problems During Installation
5.1. Display Problems (Missing Lines, Thick Borders)