9. Odds and Ends

9.1. Mock Mainframe Case Studies

Two People Home Setup

Mainframe: Dual Intel Pentium II Xeon 450 MHz 512 KByte cache CPU, 384 MByte
           PC-100 RAM, PCI graphics card.
Terminal:  AMD K6-2 300 MHz, 64 MByte SDRAM.
Guardian:  PentiumPro 200 MHz, 64 MByte RAM.
Other:     AMD Duron 1.0 GHz, 512 MByte DDR RAM (for games).

Guardian and Terminals are on two different networks. Regular load: Two people with KDE 3.1 with kmail, konqueror and/or Mozilla Firebird under SuSE 8.2.

9.2. And Finally

This text is dedicated to my uncle Gary W. Marklund, who gave me the Unix bug.