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2. The Netstation Family

As far as I know there are currently 3 differerent kinds of situations when talking about Linux and the Netstation famlily. The first type is the IBM NC 100, 110 and 300 series. (I`m still waiting on confirmation on the fact that the 110 series indeed do boot Linux ;))). These babies don't run linux as far as I know. This HOWTO however describes how to ingetrete it into your Linux environment.

The second type is the IBM NC 1000, as of november 2002 these do run Linux , although I haven't had the time to document this clearly you can download the required software from

All of the above types are PowerPC based devices.

The third type of Netstations are the 2200 and the 2800 series. These are Intel based devices and have been designed to run Linux by default. You will find some basic documentation on HOWTO install these machines in the howto.

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