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20. X Window.

XFree, usually, runs fine on theses systems. The table below helps you choose the XFree86 4.2.0 server that matches your graphic adapter:

Graphic Adapter         Xserver

Sun Creator 3D          sunffb
Sun Elite 3D            sunffb
Sun GX                  suncg6
Sun Leo (ZX)            sunleo
Sun TCX                 suntcx
Sun Turbo GX            suncg6
Sun bw2                 sunbw2
Sun cg14                suncg14
Sun cg3                 suncg3

There is a catch with the 13W3 video connector that equips some of the framebuffers you may encounter. One may try to plug it on a VGA monitor using an 13W3 to VGA adaptor that is sold on the market. The problem is that SGI and Sun Microsystems do not have the same definition of this standard and depending of the adapter you buy, this may work or not (you know Murphy ...). As a rule, idealy you should try it before you buy.

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