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14. Serial Communications Programs And Utilities

14.1 List of Software

Here is a list of some communication software you can choose from, available via FTP, if they didn't come with your Linux distribution.

14.2 kermit and zmodem

For use of kermit with modems see the Modem-HOWTO. One can run zmodem within the kermit program. To do this (for ttyS3), add the following to your .kermrc file:

define rz !rz < /dev/ttyS3 > /dev/ttyS3
define sz !sz \%0 > /dev/ttyS3 < /dev/ttyS3
Be sure to put in the correct port your modem is on. Then, to use it, just type rz or sz <filename> at the kermit prompt.

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