2.  Uninstalling VLC

2.1. Windows

Click on the Uninstall VLC icon that was created during installation .

2.2. BeOS

Delete the vlc-version directory. You can also remove the configuration file /boot/home/config/settings/vlcrc .

2.3. Mac OS X

Drag the VLC application to your trash can .

2.4. Debian GNU/Linux

Remove the packages that you installed :

# apt-get remove --purge vlc-gnome vlc-mad libdvdcss2 libdvbpsi1

2.5. GNU/Linux Redhat, Mandrake and SuSE

Uninstall the RPM packages that you installed :

# rpm -e vlc-version vlc-mad-version vlc-gnome-version
libdvdcss2-version libdvdpsi1-version

2.6.  If you compiled VLC from sources

Go to the directory containing VLC sources and execute :

# make uninstall

Then you can remove the VLC sources .