Virtual Web mini-HOWTO

Dan Pancamo

Parag Mehta

David Merrill - Conversion from text to DocBook SGML.

Revision History
Revision 1.12001-06-03
New maintainer, converted to DocBook (SGML), Licensed under GFDL.
Revision 1.01995-11-24
Initial Release.

This HOWTO discuss the essentials of setting up a Virtual Web Site under Linux.

Table of Contents
1. License
2. What is a Virtual Web Site?
3. What Software and Software Patches Do I Need?
3.1. Linux Kernel
3.2. HTTP Servers
4. How Do I set it up?
4.1. Create the New Account
4.2. NCSA 1.5 or Apache Config Files
4.3. Configuring the interface
4.4. Registering with Internic
4.5. Configuring Named
4.6. Virtual Mail
4.7. Virtual FTP
5. Links to More Virtual Web Information