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6. XWindow

6.1 Having 2 mouses on the same system

Have you ever dreamed of having 2 mouses on your system ? If the answer is yes, do the following.

Edit the file /etc/XF86Config

The modules section should look like this

Section "Module"

Load ""


Then check the XInput section :

Section "XInput"

SubSection "Mouse"

DeviceName "WacomTablet" --> or whatever you like

Protocol "IMPS/2" --> I didn't manage to have imwheel recognize the wheel, but if you do, drop me an email

Port "/dev/input/mouse0"

Buttons 5

ZAxisMapping 4 5

AlwaysCore --> means that the Wacom mouse is always considered as the core pointer, ie if you move your normal mouse or the Wacom mouse (or stylus), it'll be just the same.



And there you are, the Wacom mouse (or stylus) is now considered as a second mouse, but your normal one still works.

6.2 Now on to the real stuff

Back to the XInput section, after the parameters for the mouse, here is the real Wacom stuff :

SubSection "WacomStylus"

Port "/dev/input/event0" --> the USB event device

DeviceName "WacomStylus" --> or whatever you want to call it

Mode Absolute --> ie the tablet surface is equivalent to the screen surface

#Suppress 6

DebugLevel 10 --> once everything works, set it to 0


#HistorySize 200



#TopX 20412 --> the 4 lines are used to fine-tune the coordinate to fit with the screen

#TopY 14730

#BottomX 0

#BottomY 0


SubSection "WacomEraser"

DeviceName "/dev/input/event0"

DeviceName "WacomEraser"

Mode Absolute


SubSection "WacomCursor"

Port "/dev/input/event0"

DeviceName "GraphireMouse"

Mode Absolute


6.3 The new module

The is not specifically written for the USB tablets, and it's even not working correctly with these tablets. A new driver has been written by Matsumura Namihiko <> has written one named xf86WacomUSB (available as source code at the same location than this Mini-HOWTO). However, to be able to compile it, you'll need the kernel source code and the source tree for XFree86 (I compiled it with success against XFree86 3.3.5, but it should compile with 3.3.6).

This driver doesn't handle all the possibilities of the tablet, and crashes if you pass it the AlwaysCore parameter.

To correct this, I'll keep in touch with Frederic Lepied for a modification of the original module to have it handle all of the possibilities of the tablet.

**NEWS** At Frederic Lepied's site, you'll find a link to a new USB driver that works perfectly well, but exclusively with the possibility to have your tablet working as a mouse : ie either you use your tablet in The Gimp to draw, or you use it as an XFree mouse, but not both together. I'll investigate further, and update this document accordingly.

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