Appendix S. Copyright

The Advanced Bash Scripting Guide is herewith granted to the PUBLIC DOMAIN. This has the following implications and consequences.

A.  All previous releases of the Advanced Bash Scripting Guide
    are as well granted to the Public Domain.

A1. All printed editions, whether authorized by the author or not,
    are as well granted to the Public Domain. This legally overrides
    any stated intention or wishes of the publishers. Any statement
    of copyright is void and invalid.

A2. Any release of the Advanced Bash Scripting Guide, whether in
    electronic or print form is granted to the Public Domain by the
    express directive of the author and previous copyright holder, Mendel
    Cooper. No other person(s) or entities have ever held a valid copyright.

B.  As a Public Domain document, unlimited copying and distribution rights
    are granted. There can be NO restrictions. If anyone has published or will
    in the future publish an original or modified version of this document,
    then only additional original material may be copyrighted. The core
    work will remain in the Public Domain.

By law, distributors and publishers (including on-line publishers) are prohibited from imposing any conditions, strictures, or provisions on this document, any previous versions, or any derivative versions. The author asserts that he has not entered into any contractual obligations that would alter the foregoing declarations.

Essentially, you may freely distribute this book or any derivative thereof in electronic or printed form. If you have previously purchased or are in possession of a printed copy of a current or previous edition, you have the LEGAL RIGHT to copy and/or redistribute it, regardless of any copyright notice. Any copyright notice is void.

Additionally, the author wishes to state his intention that:

If you copy or distribute this book, kindly DO NOT
use the materials within, or any portion thereof, in a patent or copyright
lawsuit against the Open Source community, its developers, its
distributors, or against any of its associated software or documentation
including, but not limited to, the Linux kernel, Open Office, Samba,
and Wine. Kindly DO NOT use any of the materials within
this book in testimony or depositions as a plaintiff's "expert witness" in
any lawsuit against the Open Source community, any of its developers, its
distributors, or any of its associated software or documentation.

A Public Domain license essentially does not restrict ANY legitimate distribution or use of this book. The author especially encourages its (royalty-free!) use for classroom and instructional purposes.

To date, limited print rights (Lulu edition) have been granted to one individual and to no one else. Neither that individual nor Lulu holds or ever has held a valid copyright.


It has come to the attention of the author that unauthorized electronic and print editions of this book are being sold commercially on itunes®, and elsewhere. These are illegal and pirated editions produced without the author's permission, and readers of this book are strongly urged not to purchase them. In fact, these pirated editions are now legal, but necessarily fall into the Public Domain, and any copyright notices contained within them are invalid and void.

The author produced this book in a manner consistent with the spirit of the LDP Manifesto.

Hyun Jin Cha has done a Korean translation of version 1.0.11 of this book. Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Czech, Chinese, Indonesian, Dutch, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Turkish translations are also available or in progress. If you wish to translate this document into another language, please feel free to do so, subject to the terms stated above. The author wishes to be notified of such efforts.