Appendix C. Credits

The list of people who deserve credits for this HOWTO is long, I actually lost track of all the people that should be in here. I often add their names right next to the parts they have contributed.

If you feel that your name is missing here do not hesitate to contact me and I'll gladly put your name into the list.

Scot W. Stevenson

I have to thank Scot W. Stevenson for all the work he did on this HOWTO before I took over. He made a great start for this document.

Assaf Spanier

worked together with Scott in drafting the layout and the chapters of this HOWTO. and now promised to help me out with this document.

Matthias Rechenburg

Matthias Rechenburg should be thanked for the work he did on openMosixview and the accompanying documentation , which we included in this HOWTO.

Jean-David Marrow

is the author of Clump/OS, he contributed the documentation on his distribution to the HOWTO.

Bruce Knox

is the maintainer of the openMosix website, he helps where he can and gives a lot of feedback !

Evan Hisey

for putting a lot of effort into putting extra documentation in the WIKI

Charles Nadeau

for putting a lot of effort into putting extra documentation in the WIKI

Louis Zechter

Moshe Bar

For writing the code he wrote and helping out with the docs wherever he knows the answers !

Amit Shah

for getting started with the openMosix internals

Mirko Caserta

For sending in huge patches to this howto

Ramon Pons

for proofreading the howto and sending in some advice