1.1. openMosix HOWTO

In the beginning there was Mosix, then came openMosix, in my opinion a more interesting project. Not only from a technical point of view but also due to the more correct license. I made the decision to focus this HOWTO on openMosix rather than on Mosix, mainly based on the fact that openMosix has a bigger userbase. (Moshe Bar states that about 97% of the old Mosix community has switched over to openMosix.) (20020705) Given the above, lots of information might be valuable to both users of Mosix and openMosix. I decided to split the HOWTO. The latest release of the Mosix HOWTO, containing info about both Mosix and OpenMosix will be 0.20 My intention is to focus on the openMosix HOWTO, however not neglecting the Mosix users. More info on http://howto.ipng.be/Mosix-HOWTO/