10.8. openMosixmigmon

10.8.1. General

The openMosixmigmon is a monitor for migrations in your openMosix-cluster. It displays all your nodes as little penguins sitting in a circle.

-> nodes-circle.

The main penguin is the node on which openMosixmigmon runs and around this node it shows its processes also in a circle of small black squares.

-> main process-circle

If a process migrates to one of the nodes the node gets an own process-circle and the process moved from the main process-circle to the remote process-circle. Then the process is marked green and draws a line from its origin to its remote location to visualize the migration.

10.8.2. Tooltips:

If you hold your mouse above a process it will show you its PID and commandline in a small tooltip-window.

10.8.3. Drag'n Drop!

The openMosixmigmon is fully Drag'n Drop enabled. You can grab (drag) any process and drop them to any of your nodes (those penguins) and the process will move there. If you double-click a process on a remote node it will be send home immediately.