14.3. the openMosix stress-test

by Matt Rechenburg

14.3.1. General description

This stress test is made to test an openMosix cluster + kernel. It will perform several application + kernel tests for checking the stability and other features of openMosix (e.g. process migration, mfs, ...). During this test the cluster will be mostly loaded so you should stop other running applications before starting it. When it finished it generates a fully detailed report about each component which was tested.

14.3.2. Detailed description

The openMosix stress-test runs several programs to check the functionality of the whole system. In the following part you will find a description of each test-application:

14.3.3. Installing the strestest suite

First of all download the rpm or source package from http://www.openmosixview.com/omtest/

14.3.4. Running the tests

[root@dhcp51 omtest]# ./start_openMosix_test.sh

starting the openMosix stress test now!

the results will be saved in : /tmp/openMosix-stress-test-report-03/16/2003-11:27:02.txt

oMFS is not mounted at /mfs! oMFS-test will be disabled.
Please mount oMFS before running this openMosix-test
You will find instructions how to configure and use oMFS at:

(return to continue, ctrl-c for cancel)