B.3. Translations

Some people have been working on partial translations of this HOWTO, or just plain openMosix documentation in their own language.

If you are working on a translation of this document let us know.

B.3.1. Chinese

Ding Wei has written some documents in Chinese, you can read them at http://software.ccidnet.com/pub/disp/Article?columnID=732&articleID=25795&pageNO=1

Here is a local copy to the Chinese doc in PDF

B.3.2. Spanish

Together with some collegues Miquel Catalán Coďthas been working on a spanish translation of the HOWTO http://w3.akamc2.net/

B.3.3. Russian

Dmitry Katusubo translated the openmosix website and together with Yuri Prushinsky he also translated the openMosix HOWTO http://www.openmosix.org.ru/docs/openMosix-HOWTO-multi/