2.6. Pros of openMosix

Table 2-1. Pros of openMosix

No extra packages are required.
No code changes to your application are required.
Simple to install/configure.
On a Red-Hat based system/distro, installing openMosix is as simple as typing: # rpm -Uvh openMosix*.rpm
DSM is being released soon (late march 2003).
Port to IA-64 as well as AMD-64 is underway.
It is a clustering platform with more than 10 products based on it: openMosixView, openMosixWebView, openMosixApplet, RxLinux, PlumpOS, K12LTSP, LTSP and many others.
openMosix is a product developed by the users themselves so it's more close to the user by definition.
Node autodiscovery/fail-over daemon already implemented in the user land tools via multicast messaging.
Aliases for hosts with multiple interfaces.
Basic routing available (in the rare case where true multicast routing is undesirable).
Cluster Mask allows to specify to which nodes a given process can migrate.