Using Blackmail with Qmail

This page is somewhat incomplete. I put it up in a hurry, before leaving for vacation. I will improve it when I come back.

What is Blackmail?

Backmail, written by Ken Hollis, is a highly-configurable mailer front-end designed to filter mail spam. It runs as a proxy to an existing mailer using SMTP. Spam is prevented through the use of:

Where can you obtain Blackmail?

You can FTP Blackmail version 0.27 at

How do you get Blackmail to work with Qmail?

First download and untar the source code for Blackmail.

You will now need to download the Qmail patch for Blackmail and apply it to the source.

Edit blackmail.h for system specifics.

Now compile and install Blackmail.

Kill tcpserver and restart using a command like this:

tcpserver -u 502 -g 2108 0 smtp /usr/sbin/blackmail &

That should be it! 

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