maildir2smtp - blast a maildir across SMTP


       maildir2smtp dir prefix targetip helohost


       maildir2smtp removes messages from a maildir-format direc-
       tory, dir, and sends them to targetip via SMTP.   targetip
       must be a dotted-decimal IP address.

       maildir2smtp retrieves a message's envelope sender address
       and envelope recipient address from  the  Return-Path  and
       Delivered-To  lines  at the top of the message header.  It
       removes these lines before passing the message along.

       maildir2smtp removes prefix from  the  beginning  of  each
       envelope  recipient address.  It ignores any message whose
       recipient address does not begin with prefix.

       maildir2smtp is designed to pass messages along a SLIP  or
       PPP  link.  To set this up on the disconnected end, create
       a new maildir in ~alias:

          # maildirmake ~alias/pppdir
          # chown -R alias ~alias/pppdir



       into control/virtualdomains and


       into ~alias/.qmail-ppp-default.  Don't  forget  the  extra
       slash in pppdir/.  Then, in the PPP startup script, do

          maildir2smtp ~alias/pppdir alias-ppp- $IP `hostname`

       replacing  $IP with the remote IP address.  A similar pro-
       cedure works on the connected end: put

       into    control/virtualdomains    and    ./pppdir/    into
       ~joe/.qmail-ppp-default; then joe can run

          maildir2smtp $HOME/pppdir joe-ppp- $IP `hostname`

       when he establishes a connection.

       maildir2smtp  is  reliable:  it  will not remove a message

       maildir2smtp uses helohost as the local host name for say-
       ing hello to the remote SMTP server.  helohost must  be  a
       fully-qualified domain name.

       maildir2smtp supports ESMTP PIPELINING.

       maildir2smtp  assumes that all sender and recipient domain
       names have already been canonicalized.


       maildir2qmtp(1), maildir(5), qmail-send(8)