preline - prepend lines to message


       in .qmailext: | preline command


       preline  feeds each incoming mail message through command.
       At the top of each message it inserts a  UUCP-style  From_
       line, a Return-Path line, and a Delivered-To line.

       preline  is useful for procmail and ELM's filter, which do
       not understand the qmail-command environment variables.


       -d     Do not include the Delivered-To  line.  You  should
              use  this option when the recipient of the incoming
              mail message is actually under remote control,  but
              was  sent  here  through control/virtualdomains for
              manual routing.

       -f     Do not include the From_ line. You should use  this
              option  except for commands that create mbox files.

       -r     Do not include the Return-Path line.


       mbox(5), qmail-command(8)