qmail-queue - queue a mail message for delivery




       qmail-queue  reads  a  mail message from descriptor 0.  It
       then reads envelope information  from  descriptor  1.   It
       places  the  message  into  the  outgoing queue for future
       delivery by qmail-send.

       The envelope information is  an  envelope  sender  address
       followed  by  a list of envelope recipient addresses.  The
       sender address is preceded by the letter F and  terminated
       by  a  0  byte.  Each recipient address is preceded by the
       letter T and terminated by a 0 byte.  The list of  recipi-
       ent addresses is terminated by an extra 0 byte.  If qmail-
       queue sees end-of-file before the extra 0 byte, it  aborts
       without placing the message into the queue.

       Every  envelope recipient address must contain a username,
       an @ sign, and a fully qualified domain name.

       qmail-queue always adds a Received line to the top of  the
       message.   Other  than  this, qmail-queue does not inspect
       the message and does not enforce any restrictions  on  its
       contents.   However, the recipients probably expect to see
       a proper header, as described in qmail-header(5).


       0 if qmail-queue  has  successfully  queued  the  message,
       nonzero  if  qmail-queue  has failed to queue the message.
       qmail-queue does not print diagnostics.


       addresses(5),   envelopes(5),   qmail-header(5),    
       qmail-inject(8), qmail-send(8), qmail-smtpd(8)