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README.idx for ezmlm-idx-0.322

Fred Lindberg, & Fred B. Ringel,

05 MAY 1999

This document contains the information which should be reviewed prior to installing and using ezmlm-idx

This is an addition and patch to ezmlm-0.53 [(c) Dan J. Bernstein]. Ezmlm-idx uses only Dan's libraries and heavily relies on ezmlm-0.53 code. ezmlm-idx does not function without ezmlm-0.53.

ezmlm-0.53 provides basic message distribution, subscriber address handling, message archiving (single quoted message retrieval only), and bounce handling. ezmlm-idx adds multi-message threaded archive retrieval, digests, remote administration, message and subscription moderation, subscriber-only restrictions, message trailer, subject prefix, subscriber name storage, customizable setup, multi-language and MIME support and more. In addition, improved bounce handling, case-insensitive subscriber address storage, and support for distributed lists (main + sublist transparent to the subscriber). In addition, ezmlm-idx can now be compiled with MySQL support for centrally administrated distributed lists with binaries that autosense use of SQL or standard ezmlm databases.


The major improvements in ezmlm-idx-0.32 are support for user transparent sublisting and SQL database support including support for monitored and dynamically reconfigurable sublisting. Bounce handling is also optimized to work with very large lists. SQL-enabled lists appear to scale well even beyond 500,000 subscribers. ezmlm-idx-0.321 is a bug-fix of 0.32 (see CHANGES.idx).

See for the latest information about ezmlm.

See for the latest version of ezmlm-idx and downloadable versions of the FAQ.

See for ezmlm FAQ and docs on line.

Mail to join the ezmlm mailing list (averages 3 messages per day). This list is run by Dan J. Bernstein using ezmlm-0.53. Mail for an independently maintained digest version of the list.

Send general comments and questions to: lindberg@id.wustl.eduor

Send bug reports and patches to:

Below, acknowledgements and a list of systems where ezmlm-idx has been reported to work.


  • Fred B. Ringel, first and foremost, for a great collaboration, ideas, testing, docs clarification. This makes it so much more fun.
  • Dan J. Bernstein for qmail, ezmlm, and great libraries.
  • Toshinori Maeno (TM) for finding an ezmlm-idx-0.20 bug, and MIME suggestions, suggestions about hopcount and received headers, return-path header in archive, sublist loop detection, many other suggestions and explanations, as well as pre-release testing.
  • Frank Tegtmeyer for inciting digests and format info/suggestions, and for
  • Mark Delany for the original ezmlm-issub and for suggesting reordering unlink() and doit() in ezmlm-warn.
  • Raul Miller and Chris Garrigues for format info/suggestions.
  • Thomas Erskine (TEE) for fix to clean sunos-4.1.3 compiles and pre-release compilation on many platforms, fixes for bash-isms in ezmlm-check, and testing.
  • Shuhei Kobayashi (SK) for MIME corrections/suggestions, X-sequence suggestions, ezmlm-check/make corrections, and pre-release testing.
  • Yusuf Goolamabbas (YG) and the Mutt developers for pointing out outdated MIME, ezmlmrc improvements, outformat bug, suggestion about ezmlm-moderate -r switch, and pre-release testing.
  • Brian Gentry (BG) for reporting the ezmlm-moderate-0.12 exit code bug.
  • Anand R. Buddhev (ARB) for fix to clean BSDI 2.1 compiles and pre-release testing.
  • Masashi Fujita (MF) for fix to clean SGI compiles, lint advice, MIME suggestions, pre-release testing, a patch for the ezmlm-make-0.21 -c bug,, and finding postmsg bug in 0.301.
  • Matthew D. Stock (MDS) for pre-release testing.
  • Ximenes Zalteca for finding an ezmlm-send-0.21 bug.
  • Jukka Suomela (JS) for inciting the ezmlm-send -cC switch.
  • John White (johnjohn) for questions leading to ezmlm-tstdig, and for testing the example script.
  • Torben Fjerdingstad (TF) for testing case-insensitive issub.c and subscribe.c, for TARGETS, for suggesting a no-copy-to-SENDER option, for ezmlmrc.da, and for pre-release testing.
  • Shinya O'Hira (SOH) for reporting the ezmlm-make-0.22 lock file name bug and for testing the fix. Also for many helpful suggestions and hard work testing rfc2047 subject support and asking for ezmlm-limit functionality.
  • Sadhu(sa) & Tracy Reed (TR;) for reporting the ezmlm-send-0.22 undefined SENDER bug, and testing the fix.
  • Scott Balantyne (SDB) for inciting the modifications for digest out of dir/editor.
  • Frank Denis () for
  • Marc Evans (ME) for reporting the ezmlm-make-0.221 64-bit bug and pre-release testing, and inciting, improving, and testing ezmlm-test.
  • Vince Vielhaber (VV) for reporting ezmlm-check problems with non-bash and testing fixes.
  • Andrew Pam (AP) for suggesting the ezmlm-idx -d switch and reporting the ezmlm-gate failure on NULL $SENDER bug.
  • Glen Stewart (GS) for reminding me about command case insensitivity and ezmlmrc typo fixes.
  • Kenji Ikeda (KI) for a patch to ezmlm-idx-0.23 to get message numbers in subjects. I've added code to ezmlm-idx-0.30 implementing this is a similar manner. Sen Nagata (sen) for suggesting this earlier. Bugfix for missing MIME boundary in -index reply.
  • Sebastian Andersson (SA) for, MIME suggestions and pre-release testing.
  • Giorgos Stathakopoulos (GS; stathako#cti) for pre-release testing.
  • David Summers (DS; david#summersoft) for pre-release testing, reporting a ezmlm-check bug and SPEC files for rpms.
  • Steinar Haug (STH; sthaug#nethelp) for pointing out missing ';' in ezmlmrc (caused problems with /bin/sh on FreeBSD), and the trigger message received lines in the digest header.
  • Peter Hunter (PH) for suggesting dir/headeradd and list address in digest headers and for reporting a "cosmetic" bug in subscription logging.
  • Jim Simmons (JS) for finding the n/d switch misnaming in ezmlmrc for text file editing.
  • Sergiusz Pawlowicz (SP) for, and many entries for mimeremove.
  • Wanderlei Antonio Cavassin (WAC) for ezmlmrc.pt_BR.
  • Jim Simmons for finding a missing-newline-mime bug in ezmlm-moderate/store/clean.
  • Monte Mitzelfelt (MM) for suggesting alternative From: for ezmlm-manage help messages to break responder loops.
  • Louis Larry (LL) for reporting a 0.311 prefix handling bug.
  • Sigi Remsmurr (SR), Bill Nugent (), James Smallacombe (JS) for ezmlmrc corrections/suggestions.
  • Matthew Saunders (MS) for corrections and reporting crashability of ezmlm-get by abnormal use (fixed).
  • Petr Novotny (PN) for ezdomo.tar.gz corrections.
  • Evan Champion (EC) for ezmlm-request bug report.
  • Jeff Hill (JH) for ezmlm-reject bug report.
  • Bruno Wolff (BW) for Ultrix fixes.
  • Butch Evans (BE) for reporting trailer problems with multipart/alternative messages and testing fix.
  • Kragen Sitaker (KS) for reporting ezmlm-manage -get bug.
  • Lars B. Rasmusson (LBR) for prerelease testing with sun cc.
  • Mike McLeish (MMcL) for reporting problems using the 'x' format and testing the fix.
  • Jan Kasprzak (JK) for ezmlmrc.cs and headerremove suggestions.
  • Matt McGlynn for reporting 0.32 ezmlmrc -return omission.
  • Roman V Isaev (RVI) for as well as suggestions on -allow automation.
  • Numerous users for suggestions/corrections for the documentation.
  • I'm sure I've forgotten others who have contributed ideas, questions, comments. Thanks!

0.12: linux-2.0.18-:i386-:-:i486-:- (Thanks Dileep Agrawal)
0.12: linux-2.0.23-:i386-:-:i486-:- (Thanks TV)
0.12: linux-2.0.31-:i386-:-:i486-:- (Thanks Nathan D. Faber)
0.20: linux-2.0.23-:i386-:-:i486:-:-
0.20: linux-2.0.31-:i386-:-:pentium:-:- (Thanks FBR)
0.20: linux-2.0.23-:i386-:-:pentium:-:- (Thanks YG)
0.20: irix-5.3-11091812-:-:-:ip22-:- (Thanks MF)
0.20: bsd.os-2.1-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (Thanks ARB)
0.20: sunos-4.1.4-2-:sparc-:sun4:sun4m- (Thanks SK)
0.20: (Thanks MDS)
0.21: linux-2.0.23-:i386-:-:i486-:-
0.21: irix-5.3-11091812-:-:-:ip22-:- (Thanks MF)
0.21: sunos-4.1.3-3-:unknown-:sun4-:sun4m-:sun4m- (Thanks TEE)
0.21: bsd.os-2.1-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (Thanks ARB)
0.21: sunos-5.6-generic-:sparc-:sun4-:sun4u-:sun4u- (Thanks SOH)
0.22: aix-4-2-:-:-:000720704c00-:- (Thanks TF)
0.22: linux-2.0.23-:i386-:-:i486-:-
0.22: linux-2.0.31-:i386-:-:ppro-:- (Thanks YG)
0.22: linux-2.0.32-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (Thanks FBR)
0.22: linux-2.0.32-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (Thanks TF)
0.22: freebsd-2.2.1-release-:i386-:-:-:- (Thanks TM)
0.22: (Thanks MDS)
0.22: osf1-v4.0-386-:-:-:alpha-:- (Thanks TEE)
0.22: sunos-4.1.3-3-:unknown-:sun4-:sun4m-:sun4m- (Thanks TEE)
0.22: sunos-5.5.1-generic_103640-08-:sparc-:sun4-:sun4u-:sun4u- (Thanks YG)
0.22: sunos-5.5-generic_103093-06-:sparc-:sun4-:sun4m-:sun4m- (Thanks TEE)
0.22: sunos-5.6-generic-:sparc-:sun4-:sun4u-:sun4u- (Thanks SOH)
0.23: aix-4-2-:-:-:000720704c00-:- (Thanks TF)
0.23: bsd.os-2.1-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (Thanks ARB)
0.23: freebsd-2.2.1-release-:i386-:-:-:- (Thanks TM)
0.23: irix-5.3-11091812-:-:-:ip22-:- (Thanks MF)
0.23: linux-2.0.30-:i386-:-:i486-:-
0.23: linux-2.0.32-:i386-:-:i486-:- (Thanks BCL; Bruce C. Law)
0.23: linux-2.0.32-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (Thanks FBR)
0.23: osf1-v4.0-386-:-:-:alpha-:- (Thanks TEE)
0.23: osf1-v4.0-564-:-:-:alpha-:- (Thanks ME)
0.23: sunos-4.1.3-3-:unknown-:sun4-:sun4m-:sun4m- (Thanks TEE)
0.23: sunos-5.5-generic_103093-06-:sparc-:sun4-:sun4m-:sun4m- (Thanks TEE)
0.23: sunos-5.6-generic-:sparc-:sun4-:sun4u-:sun4u- (Thanks SOH)
0.30: aix-4-2-:-:-:000720704c00-:- (Thanks TF)
0.30: bsd.os-2.1-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (Thanks ARB)
0.30: freebsd-2.2.5-release-:i386-:-:-:- (Thanks TM)
0.30: irix-5.3-11091812-:-:-:ip22-:- (Thanks MF)
0.30: linux-2.0.30-:i386-:-:i486-:-
0.30: linux-2.0.31-:i386-:-:ppro:-:- (Thanks YG)
0.30: linux-2.0.32-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (Thanks FBR)
0.30: osf1-v4.0-564-:-:-:alpha-:- (Thanks ME)
0.30: sunos-5.6-generic-:sparc-:sun4-:sun4u-:sun4u- (Thanks SOH)
0.301: (Thanks Matthew S. Soffen)
0.301: linux-2.0.30-:-:-:sparc-:- (Thanks Bill Himmelstoss)
0.301: linux-2.0.30-:i386-:-:i486-:-
0.301: linux-2.0.32-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (Thanks FBR)
0.301: linux-2.0.33-:i386-:-:i486-:- (Thanks BCL)
0.301: linux-2.0.32-:i386-:-:ppro-:-
0.302: aix-4-2-:-:-:000720704c00-:- (Thanks TF)
0.302: linux-2.0.31-:i386-:-:ppro:-:- (Thanks YG)
0.302: linux-2.0.32-:i386-:-:i486-:-
0.302: linux-2.0.34-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (Thanks FBR)
0.31: freebsd-2.2.6-release-:i386-:-:-:- (Thanks TM)
0.31: linux-2.0.32-:i386-:-:ppro-:-
0.31: irix-5.3-11091812-:-:-:ip22-:- (Thanks MF)
0.311: linux-2.0.31-:i386-:-:ppro-:- (Thanks YG)
0.311: linux-2.0.32-:i386-:-:ppro-:-
0.311: linux-2.0.33-:i386-:-:i486-:- (Thanks BCL)
0.311: linux-2.0.35-:i386-:-:i486-:- (Thanks PN)
0.312: aix-4-2-:-:-:000720704c00-:- (Thanks TF)
0.312: freebsd-3.0-current-:i386-:-:pentium/p54c-:- (Thanks MS)
0.312: irix-5.3-08031224-:-:-:ip12-:- (Thanks Rob Stone)
0.312: irix-5.3-11091812-:-:-:ip22-:- (Thanks MF)
0.312: irix64-6.4-02121744-:-:-:ip30-:- (Thanks MF)
0.312: linux-2.0.32-:i386-:-:ppro-:-
0.312: linux-2.1.115-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (Thanks Uwe Ohse)
0.312: sunos-5.6-generic_105181-06-:sparc-:sun4-:sun4u-:sun4u- (Thanks GS)
0.312: sunos-5.6-generic_105182-08-:i386-:i86pc-:i86pc-:i86pc- (Thanks LBR)
0.313: aix-4-2-:-:-:00720704c00-:- (Thanks TF)
0.313: freebsd-2.2.6-release-:i386-:-:-:- (Thanks TM)
0.313: freebsd-2.2.6-release-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (Thanks Dave Walton)
0.313: freebsd-3.0-release-:i386-:-:pentium.ii.(qtr-micr)-:- (Tx Erik Gault)
0.313: irix-5.3-11091812-:-:-:ip22-:- (Thanks MF)
0.313: irix64-6.4-02121744-:-:-:ip30-:- (Thanks MF)
0.313: linux-2.0.32-:i386-:-:ppro-:-
0.313: linux-2.0.35-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (Thanks CRT)
0.313: linux-2.0.36-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (Thanks FBR)
0.313: linux-2.2.0-pre4-:i386-:-:i486-:- (Thanks Chris Van Meter)
0.313: sunos-5.6-generic_105181-04-:sparc-:sun4-:sun4u-:sun4u- (Thanks SOH)
0.313: sunos-5.6-generic_105181-08-:sparc-:sun4-:sun4u-:sun4u- (Thanks LBR)
0.313: ultrix-4.3-0-:-:-:risc-:- (Thanks BW)
0.314: amigaos-3.1-40.60-:-:-:m68k-:- (Thanks Kirk Strauser)
0.314: freebsd-2.2.8-stable-:i386-:-:pentium.ii-:-
0.314: linux-2.0.32-:i386-:-:ppro-:-
0.32: bsd.os-4.0-:i386-:-:-:- (Thanks ME)
0.32: (Thanks Chris Johnson)
0.32: freebsd-3.0-release-:i386-:-:pentium.ii.(qtr-micr)-:- (Thanks MS)
0.32: irix-5.3-11091812-:-:-:ip22-:- (Thanks MF)
0.32: linux-2.0.34-:i386-:-:i486-:- (Thanks Benjamin T. Brillat)
0.32: linux-2.0.34-:i386-:-:ppro-:- (Thanks Troy N. Poppe)
0.32: linux-2.0.36-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (Thanks Peter J. Hunter)
0.32: linux-2.0.36-:i386-:-:ppro-:- (Thanks FT)
0.32: linux-2.2.0-pre4-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (Thanks FBR)
0.32: linux-2.2.1-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (Thanks FBR)
0.32: netbsd-1.3i-:i386-:-:intel.pentium.(p54c).(586-class)-:- (Thanks GC Wing)
0.321: bsd.os-4.0-:i386-:-:pentium.ii-:- (Thanks RV Isaev)
0.321: freebsd-3.1-release-:i386-:-:pentium.ii-:- (Thanks AR Buddhdev)
0.321: freebsd-3.1-release-:i386-:-:pentium.ii/xeon/celeron-:- (Tx A Iijima)
0.321: freebsd-3.1-stable-:i386-:-:pentium.ii/xeon/celeron-:- (Tx B Fuerst)
0.321: linux-2.0.34-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (Thanks
0.321: linux-2.0.36-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (Thanks MC Yoon)
0.321: linux-2.0.36-:i386-:-:i486-:- (Thanks K Ralph)
0.321: linux-2.0.36-:i386-:-:ppro-:- (Thanks JD Mitchell)
0.321: linux-2.2.2-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (Thanks R Siemer)
0.321: linux-2.2.4-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (Thanks JM Charette)
0.321: linux-2.2.5-:i386-:-:ppro-:- (Thanks SM Moret)
0.321: sunos-5.6-generic_105181-10-:sparc-:sun4-:sun4u-:sun4u- (Tx JA Marshall)

© Copyright 1997, 1998, 1999 Fred Lindberg, & Fred B. Ringel,
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