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(?) .max extension on an e-mail attachment

From Paul Todd on Sun, 30 Jan 2000

I have been sent a document with a .max extension. What software do I need to be able to open and print it?

Regards Paul Todd

(!) I have no idea. If you look at it with a text text/hex editor is there any sort of hint among the gibberish?
I'd bounce a message to your correspondent and ask that he or she provide the attachment in a format you can support or point you to the necessary tools to use it.
(.max is not any sort of standard or convention I've ever heard of).

(?) RE: .max files

From Paul Todd on Mon, 31 Jan 2000

Hi Jim Thanks for your note. The person who sent me the file thought it was a "Paperport" file. If I use Wordpad to look at it is just gibberish - random characters. If I use something like Quickview I get the same but it is possible to see the odd word

(!) RE: .max files

From Paul Todd on Mon, 31 Jan 2000

Jim, I found a viewer for Paperport files on the web and sure enough .max files are Paperport format and having downloaded the viewer I have printed the manual out.
Sorry to have wasted your time so some extent but at least you know what .max files are!!!!

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