1. Media Monitor Services and Clipping Services

AirCheck News Taping ( www.airchecknews.com ) is a full-service broadcast monitor providing national and local news segments and reports.

Advance Media Information ( www.amiplan.com ) is database of events for the next 18 months, continually updated by a team of journalists and broadly divided into news and entertainment. Each item is integrated with a press directory, listing essential information, including telephone numbers and email addresses.

Bacon's ( www.bacons.com ) is a public relations supplier of media directories, media software, press clippings, Internet clipping, media lists and news release distribution.

Medialink Worldwide ( www.medialink.com ) is a television and radio news monitoring and clipping service.

Burrelle's/Luce Information Services ( http://burrellesluce.com ) is a premier monitoring service for quick and comprehensive print, broadcast, and Internet information.

ClipGenius ( www.clipgenius.com ) is a clipping service specializing in public relations news and newspaper clips as well as web and press clipping.

ConfirMedia ( www.confirmedia.com ) monitors content broadcast on radio and television.

CustomScoop ( www.customscoop.com ) is an online agency delivering a daily customized clipping service that draws from online editions of major wires and daily papers, TV and radio stations, smaller daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, trade journals, and new media publications. Free trial available.

Cutters ( www.cutters.com ) is a Singapore-based press clipping service with particular emphasis on business and information technology news. Also provides tracking on electronic media.

CyberAlert ( www.cyberalert.com ) offers fully-automated Internet monitoring and clipping of content in web publications, sites, message boards, and news groups.

E-mmediate Clipping Service ( www.e-mmediateclippings.com ) offers web delivery of articles from Montana newspapers.

JA Media Services ( www.jamedia.com ) offers broadcast television and radio monitoring, and news clipping and transcription services

Media Source ( www.memphismediasource.com ) is a full-service TV news monitoring and digital video production company, offering local broadcast monitoring for 120 U.S. cities and all major national networks.

Mediatrack ( www.mediatrack.co.uk/ ) provides international media evaluation, analysis, and measurement, campaign evaluation, competitor analysis, and media research nationally or globally.

Metro Monitor ( www.metromonitor.com ) is a professional broadcast news monitoring and news clipping service monitoring over 300 U.S. stations.

Multivision, Inc. ( www.multivisioninc.com ) is a media monitor specializing in hard-to-find coverage and markets along with digital delivery of broadcast clips.

News Index Delivered ( www.newsindex.com/delivered.html ) monitors hundreds of daily news sources, and provides keyword search-based email clippings daily.

News Power Online ( www.enewspower.com ) provides comprehensive solutions to your information needs.

NewsNow Digital Intelligence ( www.newsnow.co.uk/di ) tracks news about your company, searching over 3500 sites every few minutes for relevant stories.

New Media Intelligence ( www.parallel54.com ) (previously known as Parallel54) provides research services including monitoring of newsgroups, media sites and other publicly accessible online content.

PLCom News Services ( www.plcom.net/news/index.php3 ) offers customized media monitoring and analysis, automated news feeds, and newspaper and TV news abstracts delivered on the web with encryption security.

Postech ( www.postech.com ) is a design engineering and manufacturing firm specializing in broadcasting, data acquisition, and telecommunications industries.

Quickscan ( www.quickscan.net ) is a software company that provides database software and technical support to professional news monitoring companies.

SDS Media ( www.sds-web.co.uk ) scans all U.K. newspapers and trade magazines to daily extract and deliver relevant articles to hundreds of clients.

Smart Brief ( www.smartbrief.com ) provides free, email based news summaries and other content for industry associations, professional organizations, advocacy groups, and their constituents.

Video Monitoring Services ( www.vidmon.com ) is a broadcast information retrieval service

Videowatch ( www.videowatch.org ) monitors news and news magazine broadcasts, maintains a 60-day archive, and sends broadcasts to you on videotape.