A. LDAP attributes used by NetMeeting

Distinguished Names (DNs) used by NetMeeting must always end in "objectclass=rtperson". The following LDAP attributes are used by NetMeeting:

Table A-1. NetMeeting LDAP attributes

objectClassmust be "RTPerson"
cnalias used for directory lookups; must be present
sappidmust be "ms-netmeeting"
sprotidmust be "h323"
sprotmimetypetypically "text/h323"; unused
smimetypetypically "text/iuls"; unused
sflagsmust be 1
sipaddressdecimal IP address
sportTCP port number; unused
sttlentry timeout value in minutes
ctwo digit country code
rfc822mailboxemail address
ilsa393216301 = personal; 2 = business; 4 = adult
ilsa328335660 = not audio capable; 1 = audio capable
ilsa329646380 = not video capable; 1 = video capable
ilsa262144300 = not in a call; 1 = currently in a call

NetMeeting uses a non-standard means of refreshing dynamic entries. The Microsoft server maintains an "sttl" attribute, which is a time to live for the entry in minutes. A search request for attribute "sttl" resets the timer. If the timer goes to zero, the entry is supposed to disappear from the database. Of course, the sttl attribute doesn't actually exist in the database, and the client doesn't bother to give us the whole DN it wants updated, only supplying the "cn" component in the search request.