B. NetMeeting LDAP protocol violations

As mentioned, NetMeeting violates the LDAP protocol in several ways. For the record, NetMeeting:

Windows 2000 implements a modified DNS SRV (RFC 2782), an enhanced means of locating network servers, including LDAP. Basically, if your NetMeeting server name is "ils.freesoft.org", Microsoft Active Directory will expect to use a subzone called "_msdcs.ils.freesoft.org". Within this subzone, the domain controller will be called "dc._msdcs.ils.freesoft.org" and its LDAP SRV record will be called "_ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.ils.freesoft.org", as described by Microsoft. Got it? To specify the default port number (389) on the same host, your DNS SRV entry would look something like this:

$ORIGIN ils.freesoft.org.

_ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs     IN     SRV     1 1 389 ils.freesoft.org.

I've recently (March 2001) tested this myself, and found that it doesn't really do much of anything. The port number appears to be completely ignored. UDP packets are sent to port 389 on the listed host, but the standards don't specify LDAP over UDP and OpenLDAP doesn't support it.