10.5. openMosixprocs

10.5.1. intro

This process-box is really useful for managing the processes running on your cluster.

You should install it on every cluster-node!

The processlist gives an overview what is running where. The second column displays the openMosix-node ID of each process. 0 means local, all other values are remote nodes. Migrated processes are marked with a green icon and non movable processes have a lock.

By double-clicking a process from the list the migrator-window will pop-up for managing e.g. migrating the process. There are also options to migrate the remote processes away, send SIGSTOP and SIGCONT to it or to "renice" it.

If you click on the "manage procs from remote" button a new window will come up (the remote-procs windows) displaying the process currently migrated to this host.

10.5.2. the migrator-window

This dialog will pop up if process from the process box is clicked.

The openMosixview-migrator window displays all nodes in your openMosix-cluster. This window is for managing one process (with additional status-information). By double-clicking on an host from the list the process will migrate to this host. After a short moment the process-icon for the managed process will be green, which means it is running remote.

The "home"-button sends the process to its home node. With the "best"-button the process is send to the best available node in your cluster. This migration is influenced by the load, speed, CPU's and what openMosix "thinks" of each node. It maybe will migrate to the host with the most CPU's and/or the best speed. With the "kill"-button you can kill the process immediately.

To pause a program just click the "SIGSTOP"-button and to continue the "SIGCONT"-button. With the renice-slider below you can renice the current managed process (-20 means very fast, 0 normal and 20 very slow)

10.5.3. managing processes from remote

This dialog will pop up if the "manage procs from remote"-button beneath the process-box is clicked

The TabView displays processes that are migrated to the local host. The procs are coming from other nodes in your cluster and currently computed on the host openMosixview is started on. Similar to the two buttons in the migrator-window the process is send home by the "goto home node"-button and send to the best available node by the "goto best node"-button.