10.6. openMosixcollector

The openMosixcollector is a daemon which should/could be started on one cluster-member. It logs the openMosix-load of each node to the directory /tmp/openmosixcollector/* These history log-files analyzed by the openMosixanalyzer (as described later) gives an nonstop overview of the load, memory and processes in your cluster. There is one main log-file called /tmp/openmosixcollector/cluster Additional to this there are additional files in this directory to which the data is written.

At startup the openMosixcollector writes its PID (process id) to /var/run/openMosixcollector.pid

The openMosixcollector-daemon restarts every 12 hours and saves the current history to /tmp/openmosixcollector[date]/* These backups are done automatically but you can also trigger this manual.

There is an option to write a checkpoint to the history. These checkpoints are graphically marked as a blue vertical line if you analyze the history log-files with the openMosixanalyzer. For example you can set a checkpoint when you start a job on your cluster and another one at the end..

Here is the explanation of the possible commandline-arguments:

openmosixcollector -d      //starts the collector as a daemon 
openmosixcollector -k      //stops the collector 
openmosixcollector -n      //writes a checkpoint to the history 
openmosixcollector -r      //saves the current history and starts a new one 
openmosixcollector         //print out a short help 

You can start this daemon with its init-script in /etc/init.d or /etc/rc.d/init.d. You just have to create a symbolic link to one of the runlevels for automatic startup.

How to analyze the created logfiles is described in the openMosixanalyzer-section.