10.1. Introduction

openMosixview is the next version and a complete rewrite of Mosixview. It is a cluster-management GUI for openMosix-cluster and everybody is invited to download and use it (at your own risk and responsibility). The openMosixview-suite contains 5 useful applications for monitoring and administrating openMosix-cluster.

openMosixview the main monitoring+administration application
openMosixprocs a process-box for managing processes
openMosixcollector collecting daemon which logs cluster+node informations
openMosixanalyzer for analyzing the data collected by the openMosixcollector
openMosixhistory a process-history for your cluster

All parts are accessible from the main application window. The most common openMosix-commands are executable by a few mouse-clicks. An advanced execution dialog helps to start applications on the cluster. "Priority-sliders" for each node simplifying the manual and automatic load-balancing. openMosixview is now adapted to the openMosix-auto-discovery and gets all configuration-values from the openMosix /proc-interface.