10.2. openMosixview vs Mosixview

openMosixview is fully designed for openMosix cluster only. The Mosixview-website (and all mirrors) will stay as they are but all further developing will continue with openMosixview located at the new domain www.openmosixview.com

If you have: questions, features wanted, problems during installation, comments, exchange of experiences etc. feel free to mail me, Matt Rechenburg or subscribe to the openMosix/Mosixview-mailing-list and mail to the openMosix/Mosixview-mailing-list

changes: (to Mosixview 1.1) openMosixview is a complete rewrite "from the scratch" of Mosixview! It has the same functionalities but there are fundamental changes in ALL parts of the openMosixview source-code. It is tested with a constantly changing cluster topography (required for the openMosix auto-discovery) All "buggy" parts are removed or rewritten and it (should ;) run much more stable now.

adapted to the openMosix-auto-discovery
not using /etc/mosix.map or any cluster-map file anymore
removed the (buggy) map-file parser
rewrote all parts/functions/methods to a cleaner c++ interface
fixed some smaller bugs in the display
replaced MosixMem+Load with the openMosixanalyzer
... many more changes